Player Profile: Tom Mudrak

February 06, 2013

Player Profile: Tom Mudrak - Defense

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida

Major and Future Plans: Political Science, I plan to go into journalism or broadcast after college.

Other Sports You've Played: Ice Hockey and Football

Best Lacrosse Experience: First season at KSU, we played SCAD in the semifinal of the SELC Tournament. There was a big crowd even in the rain and we won on a last second goal. It was the most exciting game I've ever played in.

Best Thing About KSU: The student population is very diverse and being right outside of Atlanta is nice.

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

What Do You Do Off The Lacrosse Field: I get out to the woods as much as possible, whether that means kayaking, hiking, or camping. I'm always trying to be closer to nature.

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

How Do You Grow The Game of Lacrosse: I coach a local high school team during the season and organize or participate in at least two camps every summer.