Getting Picky: MCLA-2 Tourney Predictions

May 02, 2010

This article is originally from Lacrosse Magazine.

By Jac Coyne

Everything gets announced in the next 24 hours – depending on the whims of the committee – and we’ll finally get the 16-team tournament fields for both the MCLA Division I and Division II unveiled for Denver 2010.

The funny thing is I’ve got your selections right here.

Through a blend of math, deduction and reason – there is no announced criteria for the MCLA selection process – I’ve narrowed down the participants and their seedings for nationals, which begin on Tuesday, May 11, at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

It was a very good year for the MCLA. There will be several tournament-quality teams left out of the Division I field and even D-II, which is in its first year with a 16-team field, was highly competitive and also boasts numerous teams with adequate resumes who will be following from home.

Thus my – and the committee’s – job will not be easy.

Below is how it should look.

The Field

11. Kennesaw State (13-4) – KSU is the runner-up in decent conference, has traveled, and has been competitive in every game they played. The SOS numbers aren’t the greatest, but they look a lot better when you add the winning percentage to them.

The First Round Games

No. 11 Kennesaw State vs. No. 6 Davenport