LAX season ends against Emory

April 14, 2009

This article is originally from KSU Sentinel.

By Justin Hobday

The KSU lacrosse team finished up a stellar season with a 13-9 loss to the No. 6 ranked Emory Eagles.

The Owls scored the first goal of the contest, but were unable to keep up with the Eagles on their home field.

“Our shooting was a little off, but there was nothing wrong with our effort,” said head coach Ken Byers.

Charles Roland led KSU with five goals, and goalie Noah Rosenblum saved 15 of 28 shots.  Brian Broe scored two goals and dished out two assists in his last game with the Owls.

The Owls’ impressive 11-2 season featured wins against in-state rivals Ga. State and SCAD, but Byers could not pick the biggest moment of the season.

“I can’t just mention one specific time because we had many great times,” said Byers.

However, the Owls’ breakout season, along with improved athletic facilities, should help Byers in the recruiting process during the offseason.

“It is much easier to recruit for a winning program,” said Byers.

Broe, who is transferring, and Matt Burn, who will graduate, are the only members the team expects to miss next season. The Owls are currently ranked No. 21, and expect to remain in the top 25 in the final polls.

“I’m pretty impressed with the team’s growth this season,” said team captain Zach Statham.  “Expectations are going to be a lot higher moving forward.”

Byers has three recruits signed, and will visit local high schools and camps throughout the Southeast in search of potential members for the team. Byers noted the disadvantage of not having the ability to hand out scholarships, but the team’s improvement from a 5-8 season last year proves that anything is possible for the Owls.

“From where we came from last year to this year is night and day,” said Byers.

The Owls will reconvene in the fall to play a four to five week schedule that will include a tournament with some of the top teams in the region.